This Blog is designed to help everyone who needs and wants to live a healthier and better lifestyle. I feel very strongly about living a healthy lifestyle because I believe it can help us become better people. Fitness and exercise are not only socially fun and energising activities, but will help you grow in confidence and how you feel about yourself.

As a former professional footballer, I understand the importance of staying fit – on and off the pitch. This blog will use some of the techniques I’ve learnt in six years in football to help you become fitter and healthier. I’ll include exercises, recipes, and even tips for would-be footballers and goalkeepers.

We are often unable to know what’s best for our bodies. Food companies run marketing campaigns that make us purchase their products but ultimately deteriorate our health. So I’ve added some recipes and tips I use to help me eat healthily.

I have created this blog to try and help you prevent illness such as Chronic diseases which are rapidly increasing worldwide, and in the UK, they account 85% of all deaths. Many of these could be prevented but it’s often not through a lack of will but a lack of knowledge.

This blog will help you gain the necessary knowledge to live a healthier lifestyle in an energetic and fun manner.

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