The Truth Behind Your Food Shop

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What we believe we are consuming and what we are actually consuming could not be further apart.

Every now and again you decide to go on a diet and decide to change the look of your shopping list. I imagine the products you decide to buy would have a label along the lines of low or reduced fat, low calorie, sugar free etc… Food manufacturers use these terms to try and highlight their appeal to the more health conscious consumer. AND IT WORKS! Haven’t we all purchased a low fat yogurt over your normal one because we thought it would be healthier? A low calorie meal?

Let me tell you what some of these terms actually mean!

Reduced or low fat: Products must be at least 25% lower in fat, but the calories are often maintained  by adding other ingredients. One of them being sugar!

Low calorie: This product must have less calories than the original, but there is no set amount. Could be 1 calorie less!

Sugar free: This means sugar has not been added but almost always they have added sweeteners for taste.

Obesity, diabetes and chronic disease levels are a growing concern in the world and it really is no surprise when this is how the population are being mislead. Most processed foods have some form of sugar or sweetener added to them to enhance the taste. Sugar is addictive just like cocaine or any other drug. In fact it is believed that sugar is 8 times more addictive than cocaine. When the sugar storage levels in our body are full, the only way to store it is in the form of fat.


It makes sense why you may often crave a can of coca cola now!

If you are looking to lose body fat then cut down on that sugar and instead of looking at the marketing label, look at the nutritional label, it will give you a better idea of it’s contents. By reducing your sugar intake gradually you will also reduce cravings, and in time will find it much easier to say no to that cookie,cake or can of coca cola. Be aware juices are just as high in sugar!

I believe in a Healthy and Balanced diet. We all love a piece of cake, biscuit and treat ourselves now and again. There is nothing wrong with that, and it’s part of a healthy diet in my opinion. But be aware with processed foods such a sauces, ready made meals, white bread, juices etc… You’ll be surprised as to what’s in there! Eat well 80% of the time and you’re on the right path.

Click here to take a look at some of my favourite quick and healthy recipes!





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