5 Things You Should Always Have At Home


Living a healthy lifestyle is no easy task. However, the one thing that will help you succeed is preparation. Whilst many fitness professionals and personal trainers prepare their meals in advance, you don’t need to go to those extremes. Keeping the fridge and house stocked up with the right ingredients and foods will significantly help you on your quest. So here are 5 things you should always have at your disposal.

  1. A good source of protein: These include things such as chicken, fish, ham, beef or nuts. Although some of the above are mainly consumed in our main meals, there is nothing wrong with snacking on a chicken breast or slice of ham if we are ever hungry. You will also feel significantly fuller than if you ate a pack of crisps.
  2. Fruit: Our body gets vital nutrients such as Vitamin A and C from fruit. Fruit is a great snack or desert and making sure we have our favourite fruit at home will help us make a healthier decision when we get hungry.The fruits lowest in sugar are mainly berries.
  3. Rice Cakes: Whilst many find rice cakes boring, they don’t have to be. They are a low calorie source of carbohydrate and having them with some healthy nut butter (I prefer  Meridian Almond) is very enjoyable and should scratch your itch.
  4. Eggs:  You simply can’t beat poached eggs and avocado. Both are good source of fats and one egg should give you around 4 grams of protein. They are one of the most versatile sources of Vitamin B12. It’s a great breakfast and having eggs gives you a variety of options. Omelettes are a quick and easy way of cooking a nutritionally dense meal.
  5. A top quality Vitamin D supplement: Many of us are Vitamin D deficient. Our main source of Vitamin D is sunlight, and if you live in the UK, like I do, you will know there’s not much of that. For those of you who live in the hotter countries, i.e. Dubai,  the sun is that intense that we often stay away from it. Vitamin D is important for calcium absorption and bone growth and even more importantly has a protective effect against diseases such as cancer, type 1 diabetes and multiple sclerosis.


Ohhh and of course don’t forget the Water!


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