My Story


I educate and help people as a Personal Trainer. My journey in professional sport to this day has no doubt taught me many things and helped me develop as a person. Professional sport has some incredibly motivated people in the industry and I’m lucky to have met plenty of them. The knowledge gained throughout my 6 years in sport has been invaluable and I’m now creating this blog to share all that knowledge, expertise and experience to help you. That may be as an athlete or a normal person, we can all improve on something and I can help you along that journey.

Born in Germany my life took a sudden twist when my family and I moved to Dubai at a very young age. I lived in Dubai and Spain up until the age of 16 and grew up loving football. Playing at school, at home, at weekends and also for a Men’s Amateur team at 14, it was all I did! I dreamed of becoming a professional footballer, like most other kids do. Then things then got interesting. I signed a 2 year scholarship for Notts County FC on the back of a game I had played in Dubai.

After struggling in my first year as an apprentice footballer, my career took a huge turn for the better when I received interest from some of the biggest clubs in the world. An impressive second year in the youth team saw my name in The Sun, Daily Mail, Yahoo etc…Although nothing ever materialised I was very proud of what I achieved through dedication and hard work.

Football is a funny game and for various reasons I find myself in the National League North. I now hope for more moments like this , and I will carry on working to improve myself as an athlete and person, so why  don’t you join me on that journey?

Enjoy the blog.