Personal Training

Having played professional sport most of my life I know the demands that need to met in order to be successful.  Ability only takes you so far, and hard work and dedication is a must if you are looking to progress, this applies to everyone. That extra session goes a long way in sport!  As a Personal Trainer I cater for all types of people, so don’t worry If you’re just looking to lose some body fat or tone up. The one thing I love seeing within all my clients is improvement, and one step forward is always a step in the right direction. A major factor within my training is therefore measuring the success each client has had, and having come from an athletic background, for me that plays a huge roll in your development as a person; especially from a confidence point of view. I train all my clients as a person and not as a body, reaching the right mentality is the prime factor to be successful in achieving your goal. My responsibility is to educate you and teach you the best methods and recipes for you to achieve those goals you have set.


The first part of the process is a free consultation.Throughout this process we identify your goals, talk about your mindset,  current exercise levels and eating habits. We will look at your lifestyle routine so we can develop and implement an appropriate and sustainable training plan. In your first session, you will be submitted through a posture assessment, in which I will identify any weaknesses, tight areas and possible discomfort you may be suffering from in your body.The good news is, from here onwards I will make your weaknesses your strengths and help YOU ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS!